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Book Online

We strive to make online booking more convenient for our clientele.

It is a fast, simple and seamless process. 

To book your appointment:

  1. Select Your Service(s)
  2. Choose A Date and Time
  3. Add Gratuity
  4. Proceed to Check Out.

After you pay:

Once you book your appointment, it will block out your reservation on our calendar and automatically generate friendly e-mail reminders for your convenience.

Custom & Courtesy

As a courtesy, if you need to reschedule your appointment call us immediately so we can reach out to our Client Wait List.

A Special Note:

Booking an appointment will not interfere with other cart items.

Not all of our services are bookable online, so if you see a service not listed from our drop down menu options in our book online selections, call us directly at 253-642-7324 or 425-223-7218 to book with a representative.