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Younger Faces Day Spa is an organic day spa and salon and the parenting company of BV Organics. It was established by Brandy Younger-Voller, a licensed skin care therapist in the state of Washington  (since 2008 changing from a sole proprietorship and into a limited liability company February 2015) who grew up in the beauty industry with her mother who has been a successful business owner for over 25 years in the state of Ohio.

Brandy is also a combat war veteran, serving in Mosul Iraq during the course of her 11 years in service, saving and handling millions of dollars worth of stock as a NCOIC and ending her career as a combat instructor and trainer in 2013 and always ranking among the highest in physical fitness throughout her military career.

owner, brandy younger-vollerLearning about the beauty  industry at an early age instilled the passion, education and the necessary value system needed to spear-head her business in the ever-changing world of beauty and prompt her to begin custom premium product formulations for BV Organics- her own organic, natural, and mineralized product line, backed by major and equally passionate manufacturers, researchers, and product developers.

Her core studies include skin chemistry, ingredients, plant biology, human biology, genetics and earth sciences during her educational affiliations and background.

She is very hands-on with every aspect of her business from marketing and advertising materials, product development, to designing any and all materials that are centered around her business to include writing scripts, editing content both audio, video, pictorial and creative writing.

Not only does she love the industry, she also has an eclectic work history, cultural awareness and extensive educational background that has gained her recognition beyond state-lines earning her the title 2014 VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW):




Her Education:


      • Esthetic Sciences Certification from Clover Park Technical College-Dermalogica Certificate from Dermalogica Institute through Clover Park Technical College

      • Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Media, and Culture with a minor in ScienceStudies (Biology/Genetics) from the University of Washington

      • Associates Degree in Technologies/ Engineering of Broadcast Production from Bates Technical College

      • Television Production Certification from Fort Hayes Community Center

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