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Body Waxing Services

Hands & Feet $19
Auxiliaries $29
Partial Arm $31
Partial Back $37
Stomach $37
Full Arm $50
Perianal $51
Partial Leg $52
Chest $57
Bikini $60
Back $67
Brazilian $75
Full Leg $78
Full Body $124
Brazilian with Color (Available Colors Purple, Pink, Red, Platinum and Orange) and Shape (offered shapes, hearts, diamonds, rectangles, squares) $100
Important Note:  A consultation is provided to all clientele before, during, and after services.
Here are some reasons that may cause a delay in services:
  • Client Discomfort
  • Client Perspiration
  • If hair is too long/short 1/4" is preferred. If we have to cut hair we charge an extra $5
  • Add-on services (which pricing will be discussed)

Our Waxing Protocols:

  • We do not wax any area more than twice to maintain the integrity of the skin; so if/when all hair is not removed by wax or tweezing during the allocated time, clients will be asked to return in 2 days to complete their service at no additional charge. Clients must wait 2 days for their skin to recover since waxing is a form of exfoliation. We do not want to over exfoliate/wax due to the increased likelihood of sheeting (skin coming off).
  • If there is a history of sheeting (skin coming off) we will use a hard wax with a light coat of oil which is one of the most gentle forms of waxing application to prevent it. During your exam if your skin appears to be vulnerable to sheeting, we will recommend sugaring or threading in place of waxing modalities.
  • We explain the hair growth cycle to give clientele an opportunity to wait on services, if we see the appearance of new growth emerging right underneath the skin. If a client would like to proceed with the service we will proceed and continue.
  • We ask that all clientele fully disclose their medical history in order for us to make the best recommendations.
  • We encourage our clientele to drink plenty of water 24 hours prior to their service.