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Community Events

"We love giving back the community we service.  Our two main events are Christmas and Prom where we close down our day spa and have a free beauty day for under-served teens and help them prepare for prom and give gifts to them for Christmas in hopes of making them feel like princesses and princes for a day.  We do ask for donations to keep this a reality for them." Brandy Younger-Voller

December Events

We are hosting our first Holiday Event December 23-25 for under-served youth who will be receiving a free spa day, food, beverages, gifts and personalized letters to experience our world of beauty fitness.

We are excited about our guest speaking event are Evergreen Beauty College in Renton Washington today 12/17 and last Wednesday 12/9.  We enjoyed their students last week and stayed an hour over our time due to lots of industry questions and hope to wow them again today with our presentation.

October Events

We like to thank Gene Juarez's student body and instructors for making our experience at the Federal Way Campus a fulfilling one!  We had a great time interfacing with students.  I hope all of the students receive their certifications and state licenses soon.  It was truly a pleasure! 10-19-2015

July Events

We are hosting a Spa Referral Party to introduce ourselves, services, and products to the community while you receive discounts on the spot. July 2015