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Basic Facials




Basic facial

hand facials relieve the hands of daily stress as well as rejuvenate hardworking or neglected hands.  We often encourage our clientele to wash hands and to follow through at home with an organic moisturizer, but like many life events, clients forget.  Here we stress the importance of Hand Facials and just how essential they are in calming the client along with rejuvenating their hard working hands.  The service includes a hand cleanse, dead skin-cell remover, a paraffin treatment, hand toning treatment, hand massage w/ a blend of essential oils and hand moisturizer. Clients can look forward to relaxation as well as helping to restore their hands to a more youthful state.


The basic facial is an entry level facial that helps first time spa goers understand the value of treating their skin with the utmost respect and care. With it, a client receives a skin evaluation, cleanse, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer and post sun care treatments along with the proper education to help them understand their skin care needs. It also helps long-term clientele by reinforcing the value of maintaining good skin care health and maintenance.


The Maintenance Facial was designed to help you maintain the treatment program your skin care therapist developed for you to help you achieve your desired results. 

DOUBLE CLEANSE FACIAL  Price $100     Voted A Spa Favorite

The double Cleanse facial was designed to deeply cleanse the face, neck and décolleté and is great for all skin types to include ultra-sensitive skin; and can further help prepare the skin for other services like cosmetic applications and sunless tanning services.  We cleanse, examine, exfoliate, masque, massage, and moisturize the skin, while treating the eyes with our tropical eye lifting serum, and we treat the lips with a strong hydrative treatment. Then we finish our services with our Potent-Topical Sun Nutrient Serum. 


This facial treatment was developed to rejuvenate mature, aging, and sun damaged skin by hydrating and enriching it with antioxidants, stimulating the metabolism, and firming the skin through our hydration and softening process.  It helps fight off free radicals and offers a service full of antioxidants.  The goal of this facial is to hydrate and soften the skin to make it look and feel healthier.


The Moisturizing Rejuvenation Facial uses humectants, moisturizers and occlusive products to ostium pores, stimulate oil production in alipidic skin types and restore the skin's protective layer which it lacks, due to its natural dehydrative and minimal sebum productive states.  This treatment's objective is to combat dryness and protect the surface of the epidermis. Alipidic skin types lack lipids that are essential in protecting the skin from environmental damage and aging.


The European Uplift and Hydration Facial is a maintenance facial that can be used for both normal and combination skin types. The treatment itself uses hydro-based products to maintain the skin's natural balance and blemish free nature without compromising the integrity of the skin's PH.


The Back Purifying Facial focuses on deep cleansing, exfoliating and restoring moisture balance on the back.  Too often clients are unable to provide self-care for their backs due to physiology, so we customized a back facial regimen for all skin types to keep the back looking youthful, radiant and healthy.


This treatment focuses on restoring the normal functionality of the skin by offering a variety of treatment services to deeply cleanse and extract impactions within the follicles and to help combat both sebum and cell build up caused by the over-productivity of the sebaceous glands, while restoring the skin's barrier function which protects the skin. The treatment's water-based hydrator and exfoliates will help the skin stay clear and balanced. 


This is a Potent-Topical Post Sun Nutrient Serum that Combines Vitamin C, Seaweed Proteins, Cold-Raw plant lipids, Antioxidants, and other nutrients which are all known to promote healthier skin. It's ingredients also provide photo-protection from environmental damage and other toxins to prevent photo-aging from occurring, which leads to mature looking skin, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and other problematic dermal conditions. 
This Potent Serum not only helps prevent photo-aging, it enhances cellular permeability which allows nutrients to move in while toxins move out and also allows the skin to become more pliable, elastic, and resilient, not to mention it stimulates collagen through Seaweed Proteins that act as collagen building precursors.