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Kids Adventure Center

As parents ourselves we understand the need for you and your child to feel safe, stress-free, and secure.  

Here we provide that for you both and so much more. Our experienced professionals are heavily screened and vetted, have cleared an extensive background check with verified and reputable references, and also have come highly recommended by leading industry professionals.

As previously mentioned, we got you!  Drop your child(ren) off and PURGE. They will be safely awaiting your return.


3 months old up to12 years old

-Parents must remain on the premises at all times.


$06.00 for 30 minutes

$10.00 for 45 minutes

$13.00 for 60 minutes

Whether you are a grand-parent, parent, or an older sibling of a younger child, we got you!

While you immerse yourself in our wide range of services our professionals will carefully and diligently watch over your child(ren) while allowing them to venture out and discover a whole new world of energy and fun.

Your child(ren) will enjoy playing with other kids, engulfing themselves in age appropriate activities, or watching captivating movies until you return from your much needed alone time, without any noise or interruptions.