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Who We Are

Our Business

Younger Faces Day Spa provides superior, cutting-edge, and personalized services to our clientele while using organic, luxurious, and innovative product-lines to safely manipulate and penetrate our clients' hair, skin, and nails, without the use of carcinogenic and other harsh ingredients  known to impair brain function and affect the neurological system in men,women, and our most valued asset-our children.

What should you expect from us?

From the time you arrive at our day spa until the time you leave, you will be treated like royalty by our team of experts who will engage you, indulge you, and delve into your particular needs to develop a customizable skin care program for you.

After you check-in for your appointment and find you have spare time, you can walk your child(ren) to the Kids Adventure Center, sit in our waiting area, or check out our retail. 

Once your appointment begins, your assigned technician will escort you to a consultation room for a free consultation to work with you and customize a program that best suits your needs and goals while keeping your budget in mind.

When your consultation ends, your service will begin and afterwards, you will be handed three things: your bill, a customer review request, and a tip envelope.  Your technician will escort you to our check out area where you can discuss your at-home care regimen and products that will further help you reach your goal or maintain your desired results.

Once you have checked out, you can book your next appointment, check out our retail area, or learn more about our many products and services.

You become apart of our family!

At Younger Faces Day Spa you will not be just a number!  We will contact you to see how your at-home-care regimen is working out for you on a regular basis.