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Sun Damage Treatment - Younger Faces Day Spa

Sun Damage Treatment

  • $30.00


This is a Potent-Topical Post Sun Nutrient Serum that Combines Vitamin C, Seaweed Proteins, Cold-Raw plant lipids, Antioxidants, and other nutrients which are all known to promote healthier skin. It's ingredients also provide photo-protection from environmental damage and other toxins to prevent photo-aging from occurring, which leads to mature looking skin, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and other problematic dermal conditions. 
This Potent Serum not only helps prevent photo-aging, it enhances cellular permeability which allows nutrients to move in while toxins move out and also allows the skin to become more pliable, elastic, and resilient, not to mention it stimulates collagen through Seaweed Proteins that act as collagen building precursors.

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